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Youth Fitness Programs

It's recommended by the CDC that both children & adolescents get 60 minutes (1 hour) or more of physical activity a day. 


45 minutes

In the next 45 minutes, your child will participate in an active, non-stop fitness program focusing on: Core strengthening, agility, balance & cardio  exercises. Keeping each session upbeat & positive with a fun twist makes our programs unique to other youth fitness programs.  

Middle School
60 minutes

Our 9-12yrs old program begins to teach kids the anatomy & the importance of nutrition on top of the new exercise techniques as their bodies begin to mature. Teaching a new skill each session & putting it all together forming a challenging work out that will build both stamina & strength.

High School
60 minutes

This class is perfect for any teenager looking to start living a healthy lifestyle or an athlete training for a sport. A variety of core, cardio & strength exercises are used to create a High Intesity Interval Training program (HIIT). Students also start to learn the basic techniques of weightlifting. We keep the weight low until the individual athlete is able to successfully show proper technique. Combining HIIT & limited weight strength exercises, athletes build & maintain total body strength & increase cardio stamina. 

 Single Drop-In Session
5 Class Punch Card
No expirationNo expiration
Unlimited  Monthly
MIddle/ High School
Unlimited Monthly